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Learn from leadership coaches, CEOs on how to become a better leader and take action to create true influence


Interested in entrepreneurship or have a business already? Learn from people with billion dollar companies and learn from their insights.


Health is wealth. Listen to experts on how you can better manage your health and take action on leveling up your energy!


Life comes with ups and downs. Hear the stories that make you think about your life differently and how you can take action to take it to the next level!


Relationships are key in all areas of life,check out how to improve and make the most of your relationships as well as how to improve your communication skills and ability to connect with people on a deeper level.


control your mind and change your life. Listen to the insights of leaders and learn how they think.

It starts With Action

Who listens to the podcast?

50% of the podcast listeners are 18-22 years old however listeners from 22 to 59 are also tuning in. It’s for anyone looking to improve their level of ACTION in health,career,entrepreneurship,productivity,mindset and lifestyle

People who feel stuck in life and need a push to start taking action
People who want to pick the brains of really awesome action takers
People who want to learn about different topics related to entrepreneurship,productivity,mindset, lifestyle and more.
People who want to be / already are taking action on their dreams and goals.


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Why did Presence start it

Listen to interviews from the top 1% who are changing the world right now. I guarantee you’ll hear them say ‘ action ‘ . The truth is we all have a goal and vision of where we want to be and who we want to become. We know we need to take action to get to where we want to be. It’s common sense. Yet common sense isn’t always common practise. There are many reasons people aren’t taking action. Perhaps they fear failure, they don’t believe in themselves, they don’t know what to do etc… After overcoming Anorexia and depression, Presence realised that taking action on what she feared most actually led to unimaginable growth in both tangible and intangible success. She wants to help others take action on what truly matters to them.

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Get ready for more Action

Meet the host

Hey! I’m Presence, a life coach and podcaster with the goal to help others transform their lives like I did for myself through coaching and sharing the lessons from other world leaders through podcasting. From the age of 9 to 18, I suffered from low confidence, Anorexia and depression from Alopecia. When I was 14 I nearly died from it and started to question what it meant to live a purposeful life. I invested in courses and learnt from top leaders such as Brendon Buchard, Dean Graziosi, Anthony Trucks and Suzy Batiz to uncover the power of the mind and realise that transformation was possible. After working ( and still working on ) building the best version of myself, I am keep to help others create their own transformation. 

It starts With Action

What it starts with action is about

The podcast promotes the message of living a life of ACTION. This means being Aware of what you want, Confident in your ability to show up and act, Tenacious throughout the process, Intentional with your actions, Open to new possibilities and Now (Okay that didn’t quite make sense, Now means Presence : Living in the present and enjoying the process of taking action).

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Challenges the status quo

This show always challenges and inspires. Keep up the great work.


Great interviews and powerful advice, no matter your age or stage in life.

Inspires me to take action

All I need is to listen to an episode and it makes me inspired to take control of my life

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    It starts with action



    about us

    The podcast promotes the message of living a life of ACTION. This means being Aware of what you want, Confident in your ability to show up and act, Tenacious throughout the process, Intentional with your action, Open to new possibilities and Now.


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