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Life Coaching with Presence focuses on addressing and improving who you are at your core so that you can make lasting change where you want it most.  The answer is in the question. There is nothing more powerful than 1:1 coaching. When Presence is in coaching mode, she doesn’t hold back. She’s the queen of questions and won’t hesitate to ask you the hard questions you avoid asking yourself to get you to see the truth.We reveal the current self limiting, negative beliefs that are holding you back, the energy draining story that you are currently telling yourself and work together to reverse and change it. You will grow and change If you are willing to do the necessary work for yourself and put it into action.

Why Presence

Why me? Why not someone with more ‘ years in life ‘ – I personally went through multiple transformations. From being a complete failure at school to changing my mindset and getting into the best university for social sciences. From obsessing about food and how I looked because of Anorexia to being carefree and recovered mentally and physically. From losing all her hair and having depression and self hate to gaining self confidence and owning her flaws. From struggling to talk to anyone on the phone to being able to connect with souls on a deep and genuine level. I know what it feels like to step into a better version of yourself and what it takes to get there. I know what it’s like to have a tonne of limiting beliefs, doubt and fear. The feeling that you aren’t good enough, really hating who you are and just feeling stuck. I know what it’s like because I’ve been there. I also know what it’s like to get out of that rut and feel like everyday if a gift and an opportunity to work on becoming a better version of me. I’ve invested in myself and learnt from world leaders, I’ve mentored and coached countless young people to step towards their fear and take action on their goals. I know I can help create the transformation you seek. 

What’s Presence’s style of coaching

I coach in a way that’s tailored to my clients. I like to keep things fun and upbeat but I will be completely honest and push you to identify the truth and keep you accountable towards your goal because in the end results are what matters. 

It starts with action


about us

The podcast promotes the message of living a life of ACTION. This means being Aware of what you want, Confident in your ability to show up and act, Tenacious throughout the process, Intentional with your action, Open to new possibilities and Now.


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