Coaching is a very individual and supportive process. Think of a coach as a critical friend, encouraging you every step of the way. A coach will challenge you to push yourself and stretch your comfort zone as that’s how we grow and develop.
Change is a process not an event. It takes time, commitment and determination. Having a coach will help you get to where you want quicker.

Presence offers coaching for committed individuals. Minimum 3 months

Yes! But only if you do your part. I'll be there supporting and guiding you to help you reach your goals. However, it's down to you to actually do the work. If put in the hard work, you'll definitely see results.

The main difference is that therapy looks at your past and how that affects you and your choices. Coaching is all about the now and future. It's about setting and reaching goals, rather than mental health and emotional healing. For example, in therapy, you might discuss how your childhood has held you back from reaching success, while in my coaching, we will focus on how you can achieve success now.
Concentrating on the future to achieve success is a fundamental part of coaching. The coaching process is all about the present moment and all the potential of your future. We look at taking action now.

£30 per hour, sessions usually last anywhere between 60-90 minutes

Let’s find out - the first call will be a strategy call to see if we can work together

I can't promise you'll succeed. Why? Because that success depends on you. You are the only one who can provide the guarantee.
I can promise that I'll give you all the tools and support you need to succeed. But it's you who can guarantee success by putting in the effort, following my steps, and working your ass off. I can guarantee that if you do everything I tell you to do; work hard, and remain patient - you will succeed! You can't just slide to the top of the mountain - you have to climb.
But everything is possible - are you ready to do the work?

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The podcast promotes the message of living a life of ACTION. This means being Aware of what you want, Confident in your ability to show up and act, Tenacious throughout the process, Intentional with your action, Open to new possibilities and Now.


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