It Starts with Action because dreaming never takes you anywhere

Thanks for being here. I'm Presence and after a decade of struggling with being insecure, battling Anorexia which nearly took my life and Alopecia which crushed my confidence and developed huge social anxiety issues, I'm now at a place where I've overcome that through taking ACTION. Now I see it as my mission to support my generation to live an ACTION driven life. I'm a certified life coach and I work with GenZs to help them find the strength and potential they've always had within them.

It Starts with Action podcast

Struggling to take the first step towards the direction of your goals or being consistent? Perhaps you want to level up your mindset and performance, gain more confidence and start chasing the life you’ve always wanted. It starts with Action is all about giving you the strategies to live your best life through stories and lessons from incredible people ranging from Forbes 30 under 30 guests to millionaire coaches and thought leaders. They got to where they are through action and the goal of the podcast is to show you that you can too! 


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