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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’m Presence, the host of the podcast, and before I talk about myself let me first share that It Starts with Action is more than a podcast. It’s a way of living. It’s about teaching what schools don’t. Confidence, self-belief, productivity, negotiation, leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, and many other topics are crucial for success but not a core focus in the education system. It starts with Action is all about sharing practical lessons from people already winning in life so you can too. It’s a community of ambitious action takers who choose not to settle but live the It starts with Action lifestyle.

As you can probably tell, the concept of It starts with Action is about taking the first step towards what you want. But as you may also know that it’s not that simple. The first step can be HARD. People often choose to give up on their dreams rather than take action. They delayed action. Why? There’s plenty of reasons, some you can control and some you can’t. Fear, lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, perfectionism etc are often the reasons why we choose to delay action. Imagine how much you would achieve if you managed to overcome those obstacles. A lot! Life is too short to not do what makes you happy and fulfilled. It’s time to choose action over fear. 🙂

The It Starts with Action way of living I’m trying to promote and help clients to achieve has more to it than just taking action. It means : 

A – Awareness

The no.1 habit of high performers is that they are hyper self-aware. They always question whether their actions and thoughts are aligned with their vision and if they can change anything to improve. They show up with authenticity while also not being afraid to face the truth and work towards self-improvement.

C – Confidence 

Confidence is another key trait of highly successful people. They have faith that things will work out and keep showing up as their best selves. They feel ready to cope with uncertainty and trust the process

( C can also stand for community which is also important – who you surround yourself with can change your life in drastic ways, that’s why coaching is powerful, you have someone by your side who is all in to help keep you accountable towards achieving success)

T – Tenacity

Great leaders aren’t just tenacious – they are tenacious for something. They are committed to a cause that helps them look beyond the obstacles. Consistent action is what creates results and to be consistent you need to be determined.

I – Intention 

Without intention, you’re just living a reactive life. When you set the intention of how you want to show up, it gives you purpose, inspiration, and motivation to achieve success.

O – Open

To get to the next level you need to get rid of self-imposed limits. By being open to dreaming bigger as well as accepting the failures along the way, you will keep progressing.

N – Now 

The best time to take action is now. Daily consistent action is what leads to big results. At the same time, living in the present moment and enjoying the process is what’s life really is about. ( Can’t end the It Starts with Action lifestyle with Presence haha ) 

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latest episodes

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it starts with action

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Episode 63

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Episode 59

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It starts With Action

Episode 63

It starts with Action : What does it take to win? How to achieve your ambitious goals

It starts with action


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The podcast promotes the message of living a life of ACTION. This means being Aware of what you want, Confident in your ability to show up and act, Tenacious throughout the process, Intentional with your action, Open to new possibilities and Now.


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