I am SO GLAD that I found Presence and It Starts with Action. She is an effective communicator and dedicated to helping those around her. Wanting to know more about her and her podcast, we set up a 30-minute coffee chat which turned into a 4-hour call. She helped me work through a situation that I’m dealing with and I’m glad for her determination to break down the obstacles that keep us (me especially) from taking action. I’m excited to keep working with her on my journey to be my best self!


I reached out to Presence after feeling burnt out with job applications and uni work. Through a deep 2 hour session Presence managed to help me vocalise the root cause of my stress and address it head on. It was great to hear a fresh perspective from a peer mentor – it was a pleasure speaking with someone with such empathy, understanding, and ambition –


Presence has a powerful ability to relate to people and to ask deep, thought-provoking questions. Her approach is inquisitive and non-judgmental. Her passion for the work she does is abundantly clear. She will have a great impact on this world in her coaching career.


I was really scared to apply to Oxford. I didn’t think I was good enough and had a lot of doubts. I went on a few calls with Presence and she changed my perspective about the application process completely. I felt more confident and with her help I got in! 

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The podcast promotes the message of living a life of ACTION. This means being Aware of what you want, Confident in your ability to show up and act, Tenacious throughout the process, Intentional with your action, Open to new possibilities and Now.


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